Total Workforce Intelligence at Your Fingertips

With the Wand Discovery module, users have the ability to generate reports and analytics on their contingent labor programs, as well as drill down into the details to provide them with workforce intelligence and business insights. Visual representations quickly and easily guide them from program data to transactional data in just a few clicks. Dashboards are interactive, giving users the ability to change the reports and results they see in real time. For users seeking to create highly customized dashboards, PRO’s managed service provider (MSP) program team works with each client to fine-tune their dashboards to show the necessary program information they require.

Accessible Business Intelligence

Getting workforce intelligence data and analytics has never been so easy. With Wand Discovery, you can get from program level data to transactional data in just a few clicks.

Interactive Executive Dashboards

Discovery comes packed with a suite of interactive dashboards that give you a birds-eye view of your workforce spend, cost, and savings. The PRO team can also create additional dashboards for you as required.

Ability to Export Dashboards

Sometimes you have the need to take a dashboard and export it for use in other formats such as Powerpoint or Excel. Discovery supports exporting dashboards to all major 3rd party reporting formats.

Actionable Workforce Intelligence When You Need It

Capturing the data connected to your contingent labor program is one thing. Getting at that data and interpreting it so that it is actionable is another. Wand Discovery brings with it not only great depth in reporting capabilities, but also the ease of use to access this data and gain workforce intelligence and business insights.

Getting to the data you need to see has never been easier. Filtering options allow users to specify the data they want to see. Different dashboards can be configured using those same filtering options. This saves time, but also creates reports that are usable for you right out of the gates.

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