Wand Mobile VMS for On-the-Go Managers, Workers and Suppliers

PRO Unlimited created the Wand Mobile Vendor Management System (VMS) application from the ground up, as a true native app for iOS and Android. The result is the industry’s most robust mobile VMS application, providing users with familiar swipe and tap navigation elements with user interface features only found on true mobile applications.

True Mobile VMS Apps

Wand Mobile VMS is a true native mobile application for iOS and Android devices. This enables Wand Mobile to utilize the rich functionality that the phones offers, such as swiping, tapping, date pickers, and the phone’s built in camera.

One Cloud Based System

Wand is an omnichannel solution, meaning you can seamlessly jump between mobile, web, and tablet with no need to sync data across platforms. All data is updated in real-time, across platforms.

Candidate Resume Review

Receive notifications of new candidates that have been submitted to job requests and review candidates on your phone. The Wand Mobile VMS app enables you to review candidate resumes, and even schedule interviews.

Secure Mobile Infrastructure

Vulnerability and Penetration testing of Wand Web and Wand Mobile VMS code was performed by WhiteHat Security, which employs human hackers in addition to automated testing.

Real-Time Push Notifications

Wand will alert you on your iPhone or Android device whenever you receive new action items pending your approval. This includes timecards, expense reports, headcount approvals, change orders, etc.

Wand Mobile Worker App

Wand Mobile for workers allows contingent labor workers to carry out all of the primary functions that they would need to do on the web, from their Apple or Android device.

Wand Mobile is made up of two different apps – the Wand Mobile VMS Manager App and the Wand Mobile Worker App. Functionality of the Wand Mobile VMS Worker App includes the ability to submit timecards from your phone, submit expense reports by leveraging the phone’s camera to capture your receipts, as well as the ability to view your past billing history.

Wand Wearable App

The perfect companion app for Wand Mobile VMS on the iPhone, Wand Wearable allows managers to get notifications and approve items directly from the Apple Watch.

Notifications on Wand Wearable include time cards, expenses, and other items. Managers can also confirm and schedule candidate interviews directly on their Apple Watch.

Wand Wearable integrates seamlessly with the Wand Mobile VMS iOS app, and transitioning back and forth between the two is natural and simple. (Wand Wearable, Patent Pending.)

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Wand Tablet, A Comprehensive VMS for the Tablet

The Wand Tablet app for the Apple iPad is the first truly native VMS app. Built from the ground up and designed for a dynamic human resources environment, it gives managers the ability to manage their tasks quickly and easily from anywhere at anytime.

Full-featured Tablet VMS

For the first time in the industry, you can carry out the full, end to end staffing lifecycle from the iPad. Managers can do everything from creating a new request, to reviewing and selecting candidates, and finally managing their workforce.

Side-By-Side Candidate Compare

Managers can do side-by-side comparisons of candidates. This enables them to easily compare bill rates and experience in a single view. They can also have real-time rate benchmarking of candidate backgrounds and salaries based on workplace regions powered by the Wand Market Rate Module.

Create New Requests

As part of the full staffing lifecycle, managers can create new requests using Wand Tablet. And to save time, they can also start with previous requests and clone them to create new ones.

Interactive Spend Dashboard

Managers can easily and quickly access all spend data specific to their workforce using the Wand Tablet interactive Spend Dashboard. This is important because managers often need real-time visibility into their workforce, and the Spend Dashboard provides the data that matters at times when it is needed.

Interactive Spend Analytics

Managers need to be able to access critical data about their workforce quickly and easily. Wand Tablet provides just that through the interactive Spend Dashboard.

Being able to effectively manage your workforce means having visibility into the data that matters, right when you need it. Managers using Wand Tablet can at any time pull up critical information about their workforce spend with just a few swipes and taps. The Wand Tablet Spend Dashboard allows the manager to interactively browse through the specifics of spend related to their workers.

Adjusting the date range of the graph is as easy as sliding your finger across the date bar on the bottom of the screen. Getting analytics about your workforce has never been so easy.

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