The Wall Street Journal Taps Kevin Akeroyd for His Insights into the Current Workforce Landscape


In a Wall Street Journal article titled, “Silicon Valley Pay Cuts Ignite Tech-Industry Covid-19 Tensions,” the reporters Katherine Bindley and Eliot Brown begin the piece with the following, “Tech workers fleeing the San Francisco Bay Area to work remotely amid the pandemic are facing a new reality: pay cuts.”

The rest of the piece goes on to cover the following:

“Over the past several months, Covid-19 has shaken traditional notions of where employees can work. In Silicon Valley, which has a relatively high cost of living and an employee base with access to state-of-the-art remote-work tools, companies are devising plans for a future with decentralized staffs. In some cases, changes can include cutting salaries by 15% or more depending on where someone moves.”

Later on in the piece, the reporters tap Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited, for his perspectives on the topic and here is what he said:

“The move to cut pay also can backfire on employers. Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of the contingent-workforce-management company PRO Unlimited and a former executive at several large tech companies, said cutting pay for workers who want to move to cheaper areas can lead to unhappy workers who quit in high numbers.”

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