Wand Statement of Work (SOW)

Streamlining the end-to-end Statement of Work (SOW) process is challenging for many companies that lack the technology and processes to fully capture this spend. Wand Vendor Management System (VMS) offers a host of powerful capabilities to help.

Our Wand SOW fact sheet provides a quick overview of how Wand’s leading-edge technology empowers managers to better source and manage SOW with a variety of tools and data insights. Features include:

  • - Built-in RFI Capabilities: Quickly create questions, weight them and score responses
  • - Easy Quote Comparisons: View quotes side-by-side and collaborate with team members
  • - Consumerized Experience: Enjoy value-added features that simplify processes
  • - Robust “Downstream” Functionality: Easily monitor and manage engagements

Check out the fact sheet and learn how Wand SOW can help you simplify your SOW request process and optimize engagement management.

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