Using Mobile to Enable Faster Execution, Decision-Making and Adoption

Studies show that more than 80 percent of today’s workforce is “deskless” at some point in the workday, making the mobile experience more critical than ever. This is particularly true in the contingent labor management space, where faster decision-making and execution can make a significant impact on program success.

Our new “Using Mobile to Enable Faster Execution, Decision-Making and Adoption” data sheet provides a quick overview of some key ways managers can use Wand Mobile to get more done – even when they’re away from their desks. Topics include:

  • - Simple swipe-and-tap candidate review
  • - Easy interview scheduling anytime, anywhere
  • - Fast mobile management of existing engagements
  • - Plus much more, including Wand Mobile worker features

Check out the new data sheet and learn how Wand Mobile helps on-the-go managers increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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