Professional Third-Party Employer of Record/Payrolling Services

The demand for Employer of Record (EoR) and payrolling services has grown over the years with changing business requirements, globalization of the workforce and the passage of new regulations. Yet while there are many third-party payrolling options available today, few offer the breadth of experience and expertise needed to optimize this area of contingent workforce management.

In our “Trusted Third-Party Payrolling Services” data sheet, you’ll learn about the benefits of PRO Unlimited’s EoR payrolling services, including:

  • - Comprehensive risk management and co-employment protection
  • - Cutting-edge VMS technology that drives improved efficiency
  • - Flexibility to align with each client’s needs and objectives
  • - Curation of a private talent pool from which to direct source

Check out the data sheet and learn how PRO can help your organization develop an Employer of Record program that enables faster fill times, improves talent quality and generates significant cost savings.

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