Software Company Achieves Multi-Faceted Success with PRO as Second-Generation MSP

A multinational software company struggled to find success with its first-generation Managed Service Provider (MSP). It experienced minimal supplier engagement, lagging time to fill, and stifled global expansion. With no resolution for these issues in sight, the company saw it was time to choose a new solution. It chose PRO Unlimited to set its contingent workforce management program in the right direction.

PRO laid the foundation of pure vendor-neutrality and partnership that drove value and swiftly built confidence among stakeholders. PRO’s MSP team entrenched themselves in the company’s culture and quickly implemented an effective program that grew headcount by 85%.

PRO’s MSP achieved:

  • - Operationalized supplier engagement
  • - Streamlined enterprise operations
  • - Instituted global compliance
  • - Generated year-over-year cost savings
  • - Increased visibility and decreased overall time to fill

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