RatePoint: On-Demand Hiring Intelligence

Historically, a lack of market intelligence has prevented organizations from fully optimizing hiring decisions, resulting in significant unnecessary spend through paying higher market rates by role and/or location.

PRO Unlimited’s RatePoint platform changes this paradigm by providing on-demand rate and hiring intelligence for ANY contingent position globally. In our new fact sheet, you’ll learn about RatePoint and how it enables users to:

  • - Easily and accurately price contingent labor globally
  • - Understand how labor costs vary in different global markets, leveraging the world’s largest market rate repository
  • - See how rates are impacted by different skills, locations, rate/engagement types, job levels and more
  • - Quickly perform real-time, side-by-side data comparisons

Download the fact sheet and learn how RatePoint can help your organization make more informed hiring decisions!

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