Using RatePoint Business Intelligence to Make More Informed Hiring Decisions

Today, with the remote workforce growing rapidly, the battle for talent is fiercer than ever. Yet despite the high stakes, many compensation experts in HR and procurement lack the on-demand access to accurate market rate data needed to optimize hiring decisions.

To address this challenge, PRO Unlimited has created RatePoint, a SaaS platform that provides on-demand rate intelligence for any contingent position globally. In this data sheet, you’ll learn how RatePoint works and some of the key benefits it offers, including:

  • - Tapping into the world’s largest market rate database
  • - Understanding location in the new workforce landscape
  • - Comparing company bill rates to the marketplace
  • - Understanding how skills impact rates

Check out the data sheet today and discover how RatePoint can help your organization optimize hiring for contingent positions all over the world.

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