Making a Case for Outsourced SOW Management

Statement of Work (SOW) projects are a reality of doing business, but managing them properly typically falls by the wayside in many organizations today. Overextended internal resources and lacking technology don’t allow for the opportunity to address the intricacies of SOWs and realize the benefits that a centralized SOW management solution has to offer. As the need for support grows, organizations are increasingly looking to an external Managed Services Provider (MSP) partner to create an optimized SOW management solution that drives cost savings and minimizes risk.

Ready to bring the case for outsourcing to an MSP to your senior management? It’s important to arm yourself with knowledge around the organizational and stakeholder benefits that a comprehensive SOW management solution can have.

Benefits include:

  • - Administrative burden relief for managers and procurement, freeing uptime to focus on my strategic projects
  • - Timely review and process workflows
  • - Compliance to SOWs and proper workforce classification
  • - Enhanced resource planning and quality improvements that impact cost savings
  • - Proactive tracking of project deliverables
  • - Standardized practices for SOW creation and vendor protocols
  • - Accurate payment in alignment with all SOW billing events
  • - Consolidated invoicing and faster payment to vendors

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