Using Mobile to Improve Time to Fill: 3 Case Studies

In the contingent workforce management realm, faster execution can mean the difference between identifying, interviewing and securing highly sought-after candidates and losing them to the competition. Historically, though, time to fill been a challenging metric for organizations to improve. But what if you could cut precious days off this cycle without a decrease in talent quality?

Our new data sheet, “Using Mobile to Improve Time to Fill: 3 Case Studies,” discusses how three leading organizations leveraged Wand Mobile, PRO’s mobile VMS, to help accelerate time to fill. Success stories include:

  • - A consumer products company that drove significant efficiency savings
  • - A life sciences organization that improved time to fill by nearly 40%
  • - An energy company that leveraged mobile to speed decision-making and execution

Check out the new data sheet and learn how your organization can use mobile to accelerate time to fill, secure top talent and optimize contingent workforce management.

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