How Mobile Is Helping Suppliers Realize Significant Benefits

Recruiters, sourcers and account managers at staffing agencies are frequently under pressure to field new requests from clients and submit candidates as quickly as possible to increase the odds that they’ll fill the request – a challenge that can be exacerbated when they’re out of the office and on the go.

In our new podcast, “How Mobile Is Helping Suppliers Realize Significant Benefits,” PRO Unlimited’s Director of Supplier Partnerships Kristen Esones discusses the Wand Mobile Supplier App and mobile’s powerful impact in helping recruiters and account managers increase efficiency while they’re away from their desks, including:

  • - Viewing new job requests and submitting candidates from anywhere
  • - Scheduling, managing and confirming candidate interviews on the go
  • - Reviewing and confirming worker expenses from mobile devices
  • - Plus, the latest on the Wand Mobile Supplier App

Check out the new podcast and learn how mobile is helping suppliers increase productivity and accelerate time to fill.

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