Not-for-Profit Mutual Holding Company Achieves $1M in Cost Savings

A not-for-profit mutual holding company for the healthcare industry realized that its first generation Managed Service Provider (MSP) was not equipped to handle the complexity of its contingent workforce management requirements. They needed a partner that could provide insightful and proactive consultation to effectively drive their contingent workforce program into the future. That’s why they chose PRO Unlimited as the purely vendor neutral MSP that could properly take the reins of the management of their entire program.

In our latest case study, you’ll learn about how PRO transformed the not-for-profit company’s contingent workforce program as a second generation solution, generating results such as:

  • - Achieved $1M in cost savings in less than one year
  • - Transitioned more than 30% of contingent workers to full-time employees
  • - Averaged 350 order fills with high quality candidates since program inception
  • - Conducted over 150 one-on-one meetings with hiring managers to foster program adoption

And that’s not all. Download your copy of the case study today to see the other impressive results that PRO’s second generation program created.

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