Use Market Rate Expertise to Drive Cost Savings in your Contingent Labor Program

With access to an expansive contingent workforce, a leading software company needed a way to make sense of its market rate variances to help alter their hiring behaviors and accomplish significant cost savings. The company chose PRO Unlimited to gain the visibility they needed into worker pay rates and market trends to ultimately begin the process of internal change.

PRO implemented a cutting-edge solution called Market Rate Module (MRM) that combines industry-leading technology and human expertise to discover and deliver strategies that:

  • - Optimize rate guidance
  • - Ensure compliance to rate guidance
  • - Automate notifications and workflow
  • - Identify exceptions
  • - Provide actionable insights via reporting and consultation

Through PRO’s MRM, the company leveraged powerful rate guidance technology combined with the expertise of PRO’s Strategy, Analytics & Metrics (SAM) team to create a long-term, cost-effective impact on hiring practices.

Download the case study to see more of the results driven by PRO’s MRM at the company and how they might work at your organization!

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