Global Technology Company Achieves $25.7M in Contingent Workforce Cost Savings

With a growing blended workforce of full time and contingent employees, a leading global technology company chose PRO Unlimited’s purely vendor-neutral Managed Services Provider (MSP) solution to lead their contingent workforce management program into the future. PRO first tackled the company’s challenges with contractor compliance, then moved on to create a program that laid the risk-averse and strategic groundwork for sustained success. PRO acted quickly as the company’s MSP, applying pioneering practices for business validation and risk mitigation, gaining operational efficiencies working with its existing VMS, and implementing cost-saving operational processes.

In five years with PRO as the MSP, the company was able to achieve $25.7M in cost savings with a customized approach through the following initiatives:

  • - IC Compliance Analysis & Classification Consulting
  • - Strategic Self-Sourcing
  • - Comprehensive rate negotiation and adjustments

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