3 Financial Services Firms Experience Significant Savings

Three firms realized significant cost savings in just one year. How? They outsourced their contingent workforce management programs to an integrated MSP/VMS provider to not only address cost-savings, but other critical areas. Those included: getting the best talent at the best market rate, protection against risk, and access to the best contingent labor technology among others.

Here is a quick snapshot of the case study:

  • - A Global Financial Services Organization dramatically decreased its administrative responsibilities, and increased compliance and program adoption while conducting Recruitment Process Optimization (RPO) that resulted in cost avoidance of hundreds of thousands in just the first year.

  • - A Global Investment Management Organization attained 98% supplier satisfaction and 99% hiring manager satisfaction with PRO Unlimited’s program. It also implemented a new cost saving methodology for conversions to full-time to reduce recruiting costs and worker ramp up.

  • - A Bank Holding and Financial Services Organization improved average time to fill for one business unit by almost a full week, and for another business unit by 4.5 weeks while realizing cost savings from RPO activity in one year.

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