Preparing to Engage Contractors in Germany

Tapping the unmatched power of independent contractors to add value to your organization is complex, especially when it’s on a global scale. From country to country, the criteria for leveraging these non-employee workers can vary drastically and it’s important to be well informed on the nuances.

In Germany, laws are in place to provide a distinction between non-employees and employees, but the criteria are vague, especially when it comes to highly skilled jobs. Gaining a deeper understanding of the key elements that go into employment in Germany will help your organization find success while avoiding any risk.

Key considerations include:

  • - Differentiating between independent contractors and full-time employees
  • - Necessary contractor compliance documents
  • - Types of business entity
  • - Standard business insurances
  • - Right to Work (RTW) status
  • - Commercial considerations

Before you engage contractors in Germany, make sure you have all of the information as you prepare. Download the data sheet today!

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