The Benefits of Transitioning to a Supplier-Funded Model

An effective way to address today’s growing contingent workforce is by adopting a supplier-funded model into your hiring practices. PRO Unlimited’s pure vendor neutrality creates a competitive environment where all qualified suppliers are notified simultaneously of open job requisitions and given equal opportunity to compete. This model allows suppliers to increase their visibility and, in turn, increase their volume. As a result, suppliers can focus their efforts on recruiting qualified candidates versus marketing their services to hiring managers. Benefits of PRO’s program for suppliers include:

  • - 24/7 access to requisitions and reporting through PRO's Vendor Management System (VMS), Wand
  • - Available onsite support for questions or guidance
  • - Comprehensive performance feedback, education and opportunities to improve using a multi-metric point scorecard
  • - Interactive forums for education on procedures and policies, system training, business needs, culture, location/skill needs, etc.

To find out other ways PRO’s supplier-funded model can help your organization, download our data sheet.

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