5 Key C-Suite Implications of the Contingent Workforce

Despite the contingent workforce’s massive size and financial impact, many organizations have associated it with “non-core” functions and treated it tactically. The result has been missed opportunities to increase organizational flexibility, diversity, talent quality, and overall value for owners and shareholders.

In our new white paper, “5 Key C-Suite Implications of the Contingent Workforce,” you’ll learn why it’s critical to elevate discussion of the contingent workforce to the executive team. Topics include:

  • - Financial Impact: Monitoring and optimizing hundreds of millions in spend
  • - Talent Acquisition: Strategically increasing organizational flexibility
  • - Spend Centralization: Tapping in to the largest opportunities to drive value
  • - Total Talent Management: Deepening understanding of workforce composition

Check out the white paper and discover how increased C-suite attention to the contingent workforce can help an organization save millions of dollars, enhance brand strength, improve D&I initiatives, keep the enterprise nimble, and much more.

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