Professional Third-Party Payrolling Services

Relying on third-party services for payrolling has become a mainstay in contingent workforce management. Managing the risks and costs is something organizations opt to outsource to third-party providers. PRO Unlimited recognized this need and pioneered the development of these professional services.

The need for third-party payrolling services for a range of different workers (1099 independent contractors, returning retirees, temporary staff, and other professional talent) grew in magnitude with the passage of new laws and regulations. Under the direction of seasoned labor attorneys, PRO offers enterprise clients a unique approach for managing their contingent workforce. Possessing an in-depth understanding of both the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) and the IRS’ Categories of Evidence that are used for worker classification, PRO’s Managed Service Program (MSP) team knows what is required when it comes to classifying exempt, non-exempt, and computer professionals. As a result of PRO offering industry-leading benefits to its payrolled workers, a long list of industry-leading global brands have chosen PRO to serve as their provider as a result of its industry-leading benefits (including CIGNA).

By engaging PRO, enterprise clients are able to:

1) Manage risk when recruiting, sourcing, and managing non-employee workers
2) Ensure an efficient and easy way to manage timecards, expenses, SOW projects, etc.
3) Recruit and retain high-caliber non-employee workers

At the same time, workers welcome the opportunity to enter timecards, expenses, attendance, and more within one centralized SaaS-based solution from the Web or from their mobile devices.

What We Provide

With our payrolling services, PRO becomes the employer of record and assumes responsibility for worker benefits and risk management. PRO manages these services for enterprises focused on global expansion, as well as those that are regional leaders.

Worker Benefits

Though not comprehensive, the following are some of the benefits to workers: national, group qualified medical, vision, dental, and other ancillary benefits, Section 125 pre-tax contributions, timecards and robust reporting, 401(k) with immediate enrollment, pension plans in certain countries, and more.

Client Benefits

Clients receive co-employment protection and achieve over a 99 percent success rate in converting workers to payroll. Other benefits include electronic timecards and invoicing, customized management reports, expense reimbursement and cash advances, a 24-hour 1-800 hotline, and much more.

“Much of the success of our contingent labor program can be tied to the partnership we have with PRO Unlimited. Their ability to consistently deliver results around business needs, supplier performance, cost savings, compliance, and mitigating risk while fitting in with our company culture is executed on a daily basis and at a high level.”

- Manager of Talent Acquisition, Corning

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