Integrated Full-Lifecycle Platform for Direct Sourcing Contingent Talent

DirectSource PRO leverages cutting-edge AI and machine learning to bring large companies the industry's most sophisticated SaaS solution for direct sourcing of contingent labor.


Why DirectSource PRO?

As opposed to disparate point solutions and expensive siloed systems, DirectSource PRO gives clients a single, end-to-end direct sourcing lifecycle, all in one integrated platform solution. By utilizing DirectSource PRO, enterprise companies can achieve the following:

Drive Cost Savings

Find the best talent at the most affordable rates and avoid unnecessary resource spend with the power of accurate rate intelligence.

Hire the Right Talent for the Right Roles

Combine AI-powered SaaS technology with a privately curated talent pool leveraging the client's brand to find the best candidates for the organization.

Ensure a Diverse Talent Pool

Remove bias by masking candidate attributes through AI-driven technology and drive diversity across the business thanks to the ability to hire talent from anywhere in the world.

Increase Overall Hiring Success

Gain visibility into all aspects of the program and understand which factors lead to the most successful hires with DirectSource PRO's Program Management and Analytics.

One-Stop Contingent Talent Direct Sourcing Solution

An effectively implemented direct sourcing solution for contingent labor not only requires having various technology and service components in place, but that those components are also seamlessly integrated. Disparate point solutions from multiple vendors can create issues such as incomplete, inefficient workflows, hiring the wrong talent, challenges in creating a robust and diverse talent pool, and taking too long to both identify and hire the right talent.

DirectSource PRO eliminates this complexity by offering a “one-stop,” integrated full-lifecycle platform that delivers all the critical technology and services required to realize direct sourcing success, including:

  • Technology
  • Curation
  • Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Payroll
  • Compliance

PRO Unlimited has nearly three decades of experience in providing enterprise payrolling services. We offer an extremely comprehensive worker benefit package, worker compliance services, timecard expense management, and more. PRO Unlimited manages all these services for the workers engaged through the DirectSource PRO platform with its robust payroll solution, helping to further reduce program management complexity for the organization.

Drive Cost Savings and Increase Hiring Success and Velocity

Direct sourcing is the number-one way to drive hard-dollar cost savings within a contingent program. By optimizing for direct sourcing, enterprises experience an increase in hiring success, reduced time to hire, and improved worker quality. Our direct sourcing solution helps drive cost savings through several services and capabilities, including AI-driven technology, curation services, global rate intelligence, and program management and analytics.

Match The Right Candidates Quickly

DirectSource PRO's AI and machine learning-powered SaaS helps match the right candidates to roles quickly, hire for potential, and drive a diverse workforce.

Curate a Private Talent Pool

Leverage brand power with DirectSource PRO's curation services to attract candidates, manage your direct sourced talent pool and get the best hires affordably.

Utilize the World's Largest Workforce Data Set

Leverage the world's largest contingent workforce data set to gain accurate rate intelligence for resources engaged anywhere across the globe.

Fully Optimize Your Direct Sourcing Program

Ensure all aspects of the direct sourcing program are running optimally and avoid unnecessary resource spend thanks to DirectSource PRO's Program Management and Analytics solution.

Interested in finding out how DirectSource PRO can help you drive cost savings while acquiring the best talent for your organization?


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