PRO Unlimited’s Global Supplier Awards Recognize Suppliers for Contingent Service Excellence


PRO Unlimited has named its honorees for its annual Global Supplier Awards. These awards assess the accomplishments of the staffing agencies serving PRO’s global client base and identify those that demonstrated commitment beyond expectations in 2019. The staffing agencies associated with PRO are proactively engaged and have access to the benefits of the purely vendor-neutral managed services model, which establishes an even playing field for suppliers to present candidates.

The staffing agencies chosen for this year’s awards have taken advantage of the vendor-neutral model by creating a trusting partnership with PRO and its clients through consistent delivery of high quality talent and excellent services delivery. PRO identifies suppliers for these awards using a proprietary 30-point scorecard system as well as comprehensive internal feedback.

“Our extraordinary supplier partnerships have guaranteed that our clients gain access to the best talent possible in order to elevate their contingent workforce programs,” said Sam Jackson, Senior Manager, Global Supplier Partnerships at PRO Unlimited. “That’s why it’s so important to recognize our partners that have gone to great lengths to support our stakeholders in North America, EMEA, APAC and Latin America.”

To see the list of esteemed winners for the Global Supplier Awards, see the press release here.

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