VMS UI Design and the Power of Personalization


How do you VMS? When it comes to contingent workforce management, each individual has different preferences, priorities and workflows. The one constant, it seems, is a heavy workload: Nearly 60 percent of employees say they’re so busy with getting day-to-day work done that they don’t have time to think beyond their daily to-do lists and to more strategic, innovative initiatives.

In this landscape, it’s critical that the technology you use helps improve efficiency. One way VMS software designers and developers can assist is by enabling users to personalize their experience by adjusting the interface’s appearance and hierarchy to align with their unique priorities and preferences. (Related reading: “PRO Unlimited Unveils Industry’s Most Personalized VMS Homepage.”)

By providing users with the flexibility to configure the interface in this fashion, software developers empower users to streamline their experience. Amidst the chaos of a typical workday, technology becomes a tool for making task completion easier, simpler and faster.

In the case of PRO Unlimited, our Wand Vendor Management System (VMS) offers users a variety of ways to customize their experience, such as:

1) Reordering the homepage: Users can easily select a module on the homepage and drag it to a new location depending on its importance to them.
2) Hiding or showing components: Wand gives users the ability to “hide” sections on the homepage that may be less relevant to them. To further reduce cognitive load, sections automatically “collapse” if there’s nothing to view in that module.
3) Personalizing the login page: Users with specialized areas of focus can choose to route to a specific page upon logging in to the application rather than the homepage.

These enhancements are the latest additions to Wand’s “consumerized” interface, the result of exhaustive end user research and use case study. By providing greater flexibility for individual expression and customization, managers are empowered to directly align the software’s functionality with their specific workflows. The result is increased efficiency and effectiveness that frees them up to focus more on the types of strategic planning that drive even greater results.

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