VMS and Chatbots: Forbes Taps PRO’s Ted Sergott to Discuss this Emerging Topic


In our latest piece with Forbes, join PRO Unlimited’s EVP of Product Development, Ted Sergott, as he discusses AI in the form of conversational interfaces and chatbots, and how it’s changing the face of contingent workforce management.

Ted touches on the following areas in the article:

1. The Evolution Of Conversational Interfaces And Chatbots
2. Examples of How Chatbots are Improving Contingent Labor Management
3. The Power Of Omnichannel
4. Getting Into The (Work)Flow
5. The 4 Keys To Successful Implementation

According to the article, it cites that 80% of enterprises will use chatbots by the end of 2020. Yet, challenges remain — a UJET poll reported that 58% of respondents found chatbots were not as effective as expected. That’s why it’s critical users take a strategic approach to incorporating chatbots and conversational interfaces into your programs. By doing so, they will increase the odds that these AI-based technologies will help drive greater efficiency.

Additionally, the article states that we can expect to see chatbots getting progressively smarter in the next year or two, using machine learning and real-time analytics to not only help speed up execution, but also provide actionable intelligence that drives smarter decision making. For leading organizations, leveraging these leading-edge chatbots and conversational interfaces will provide a compelling way to strengthen their contingent workforce programs and get a leg up on the competition.

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