Video: Why Use an MSP and VMS?


In this short video, you’ll learn about the benefits of utilizing an MSP and VMS to manage your organization’s contingent workforce:

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Video Transcript: Why Use an MSP and VMS?

Many companies struggle with identifying how much they spend on external labor. They also lack the resources and expertise to effectively manage these workers. One reason is that external labor can consist of many types of labor categories. The spend for these external resources is often in the millions — or even more. When unmanaged, this area of business often creates risks for the organization. Management processes are inconsistent, and companies overpay for services. Many companies partner with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to assist. The MSP consolidates and manages all aspects associated with external labor. An MSP will often utilize a technology called a vendor management system (VMS). The VMS automates & optimizes key workforce management processes. An integrated MSP/VMS typically drives significant cost savings. It also mitigates risk, improves talent quality, enables spend tracking & more. PRO Unlimited has been providing MSP & VMS services for nearly 30 years. We partner with clients so they can focus on their core business competencies. And strategically use the contingent workforce to help win the war for talent.

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