PRO Unlimited’s Top 10 Contingent Workforce Management Resources of 2019


In the past year, PRO Unlimited has published dozens of blog posts, white papers, case studies, data sheets and more with the goal of helping organizations understand the latest trends, tools and technological innovations shaping contingent workforce management.

Here are PRO’s 10 most popular blog posts and thought leadership resources of 2019, based on page views from the past year. We hope they inspire new ideas, tactics and successes as you’re looking to optimize your contingent labor programs in 2020 and beyond!

10) “5 Ways Mobile Helps Suppliers Increase Their Effectiveness”

For account managers and recruiters racing the competition to fill job requests, speed of execution and decision-making is critical. This post looks at five key ways in which using a VMS mobile app can help suppliers respond quicker and accelerate their success.

9) “What Is a Managed Service Provider?”

Today’s influx of contingent workers is creating a new set of challenges for organizations, pushing many to reach outside of their internal resources for an external partner – a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of teaming with an MSP.

8) “VMS UI Design and the Power of Personalization”

When it comes to contingent workforce management, each individual has different preferences, priorities and workflows. Learn about the ways that leading-edge VMS developers are designing software to account for these differences and empower users to streamline their experience.

7) “Explore the Advantages of Greater Access to Talent, Innovation, Cost Savings & Financial Risk Protection”

What are the benefits of outsourcing to a contingent workforce management provider? This white paper covers challenges a provider can help organizations overcome and provides an in-depth look at the value prop an integrated MSP/VMS solution can provide.

6) “Use Business Intelligence to Reach Contingent Resource Planning Success”

From deepening an organization’s understanding of global supply and demand opportunities to revealing areas in which companies might redeploy existing talent to fill open positions – and much more – business intelligence is fueling smarter contingent resource planning strategy. Check out this post for more info.

5) “5 Key Contingent Workforce Management Trends for 2019”

Mobile is changing contingent workforce management in new and exciting ways. Self-sourcing is driving not just cost savings, but also improved talent quality. And that’s just the start of the five critical contingent workforce management trends profiled here that continue to impact organizations.

4) “The Game-Changing Influence of AI on Contingent Labor Management”

Speaking of key trends, leading VMS providers are driving innovation by incorporating artificial intelligence into their platforms. Particularly noteworthy? Digital assistants that are leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to increase efficiency during the sourcing process.

3) “Wand’s Action-Driven, Configurable UI”

How does VMS product design impact efficiency? This fact sheet offers a quick primer on how an innovative interface enables users to increasing productivity with fewer clicks, reduce cognitive load, personalize the VMS experience, and more.

2) “The 2019 Contingent Workforce Industry Report”

In this industry report, PRO shares exclusive data and insights to help organizations improve their contingent workforce programs in the year ahead. Discover the latest intelligence on managed services, vendor management software, the international IT marketplace and staffing providers.

1) “What Is a Vendor Management System (VMS), and Why Use It?”

This back-to-basics post offers a helpful primer on typical uses of a VMS and the key benefits these platforms offer, while linking out to additional resources for readers who would like to learn more about specific areas of the software.

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