The Future of Contingent Workforce Management Software


PRO Unlimited is a sponsor of this year’s CWS Summit North America and has been a leader in the Contingent Workforce Management Industry for 30 years! If you’re looking to gain insights into the latest contingent workforce technology and professional services trends while at the Summit, please stop by PRO Unlimited’s virtual booth or reserve a private demo!

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Wand VMS centralizes contingent workforce management — including temps, independent contractors and statement of work (SOW)-based engagements — into one cloud-based SaaS platform. This is accomplished via an omnichannel experience for the Web, mobile devices, tablets and even wearables. PRO Unlimited designed Wand from the ground up using design principles found in some of the most innovative, leading-edge consumer software products in the world, resulting in a seamless, highly intuitive user experience — both for the novice and advanced user.

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