Research Report Conducted by Werklabs and PRO Unlimited Shows Factors Including Respect and Managerial Support Hold High Value for an Empowered Segment of the Workforce


We are excited to announce the findings of our joint industry-wide report with the research and insights division of The Mom Project, Werklabs, titled, “Defining What Matters to the Extended Workforce.” The report identifies key drivers for attracting, equipping and empowering contingent labor.

To help provide organizations with actionable solutions to better attract top talent — and facilitate positive, productive work experiences for this increasingly large and critical segment of the workforce — the report centers on what matters most to contingent workers. In researching the report, Werklabs and PRO focused specifically on hidden, intangible yet critical predictors of inclusive contingent work experiences, including equity, trust and respect.

Survey respondents cited the ability to work from home or a place of their choice, flexibility in scheduling, and competitive pay as some of the primary motivators for choosing contract-based work. Notably, gender differences emerged on factors like overall support from employers, which is significantly more important for women in contingent roles than men. Women also valued employers that communicate in a transparent manner to a greater extent than male respondents (18% higher).

Overall, the report revealed that social and emotional elements including opportunity, transparency and respect factor very heavily into making certain contracts more attractive than others. Those surveyed stated that feeling listened to (88%) and active recognition of their contributions (85%) fostered feelings of respect in the workplace.

Also, 71% of these professionals stated that career development support and learning about internal roles further nurtured a supportive workplace environment. Contingent work is often considered a proverbial foot in the door at companies, and employers who are fully open to transitioning temporary talent to full-time workers are viewed as more appealing. In an era of higher demand for contingent talent, this segment of the workforce is more empowered than ever to set their own terms in agreement with employers or, alternatively, seek out opportunities that meet both their economic and social-emotional needs.

Here is what our Vice President and Global Leader of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Rebecca Perrault, had to say regarding the report:

“Organizations can improve their ability to attract great contingent talent by turning insights into action. Employers are recognizing the significant impact that their contingent workers not only have on their business results, but also on the culture of their organization. This external talent is critical to their success. At PRO, we are working with our clients to translate research like this into action to support these individuals, from building awareness about DE&I and listening to their feedback, to supporting career growth and safely measuring representation metrics.”

Werklabs’ President Pam Cohen also commented:

“It is very encouraging that more and more professionals are considering contract work to be their top choice for employment, and that they feel they are getting more respect from organizations for this choice. As we know, respect matters a lot to all types of employees, and having that will further encourage talent to grow and expand their career opportunities.”

For the report, nearly 1,000 active contingent workers from diverse backgrounds were asked to rate what matters most to them in projects. Werklabs and PRO combined a survey instrument and qualitative interviews to surface themes that might otherwise go undetected in an effort to uncover and clearly define the most important drivers of contingent work experiences. The ultimate goal was to understand the discreet concerns and desires that have the most significant impact on workplace recruitment, career optimism and longevity.

The full, co-sponsored study and its results can be found here.

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