Infographic: The State of the Remote Workforce


With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the workplace has shifted dramatically. More than seven in 10 employees have worked remotely at some point this year.

As organizations adjust to this new reality and look to a post-pandemic landscape, many are planning to move a greater portion of their workforce remote. A recent report indicated more than 30% of companies plan to have a majority of their workforce functioning remotely in the future – a 10X increase from before the pandemic.

What do employees think about these changes? In this infographic, you’ll learn what workers see as the top benefits of remote work, the biggest challenges they’re facing, and how they’re feeling about the future of remote work.

The shift to an increasingly remote workforce has impacted everything from worker onboarding and management practices to productivity monitoring and talent acquisition strategies.

While many organizations have successfully determined how to facilitate remote work for their existing employees, the truly innovative companies are figuring out how to leverage this situation to disrupt the talent acquisition landscape.

Often, this new approach to talent acquisition starts with the contingent workforce, which offers a “safer” arena for trying a different strategy than hiring remote full-time employees. PRO Unlimited suggests organizations employ a nuanced, data-driven method for determining which roles or departments to target with this new remote workforce approach.

This process typically starts with deciphering what roles can and should be remote long-term, versus which roles should be brought back on-site. While the landscape is constantly changing, roles in departments such as IT or marketing are often candidates for shifting to remote, while R&D and manufacturing roles may need to remain on-site.

For much more on this topic, including advanced metrics and talent landscaping strategies, download PRO’s white paper, “Leveraging the Remote Workforce to Win the War for Talent.”

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