Get the Latest News on Contingent Workforce Regulatory Updates


Once again, PRO’s experts in the following departments: Legal, HR, Contractor Compliance Services, Immigration, and Client Payroll Operations have published this quarter’s U.S. and Global Regulatory Newsletters. These are meant to provide a learning and informational opportunity for those professionals wanting to stay on top of the latest regulatory topics here in the U.S. and around the world.

In this quarter’s edition, we highlight the following topics:

  • - Independent Contractor Compliance, Employment Law, Immigration and Payroll
  • - Global trends and events in Hungary, Australia, Romania, Taiwan, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Mexico and Singapore

Readers can take a deeper dive in each of these sections and find much more detail, including:

  • - The legislative conflict over determining employment status using the “ABC” test
  • - Continued expansion of information-sharing efforts between state and federal agencies
  • - A high-profile case of misclassified independent contractors
  • - State-specific decisions on inclusion, workplace harassment, regulating employees’ personal affairs, transgender stereotyping
  • - A return to a broader definition of “independent contractor” under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)
  • - H-1B vase case reforms and Labor Condition Application Form updates
  • - Changes and updates to overtime work increases, post-termination payout requirements, pension contribution increases, and tax-free allowances on the global stage
  • - Multi-country minimum wage increases
  • - Employment Act changes that impact half a million employees in Singapore
  • - Brexit and Good Work Plan 2018 updates, and more

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