PRO Unlimited Recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s VMS Products Assessment 2021


Great news! PRO Unlimited is a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® 2021 evaluation, a competitive assessment of the Vendor Management System (VMS) technology landscape.

According to Everest Group, our Wand VMS achieved the high scores for Vision & Capability. Based on client feedback and other measures, we also scored high for Overall Value Delivered to Clients, Emerging/differentiating Capability and Unique Engagement and Commercial model. Other areas in which Wand scored highly include services procurement / Statement of Work (SOW) management, independent contractor / direct sourcing, and temporary labor management.

Here is what Arkadev Basak, Vice President, Everest Group had to say about PRO and our VMS, Wand:

“PRO Unlimited built a multi-tenant omni-channel VMS with strong capabilities to manage all major contingent labor categories. In addition to already formidable capabilities, the robust pace at which it continues to invest in enhancing its UI/UX and functionalities, including mobile, spend and rate benchmarking analytics, and direct sourcing, positions it as a Leader in the VMS space.”

The assessment also highlighted PRO’s advanced omnichannel VMS with a leading UI/UX that is supported across web, mobile, tablet and wearable devices. Everest Group noted that we are “one of the few VMS’ in the market with dedicated mobile applications for managers, workers and suppliers.”

With workforce data becoming increasingly critical to program optimization, the report also highlighted our strong analytics portal, Wand Discovery, and the actionable insights it offers. Everest Group noted, “PRO’s analytics portal is agile and continuously incorporates features and dashboards to provide the most relevant insights to its clients.”

Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited commented on the assessment as well – here is what he had to say:

“Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to our mission of providing our clients around the world with the highest quality and most comprehensive platform that serves all of their needs for managing their contingent workforce. We are honored to be recognized today as a leader in this independent VMS technology analysis by Everest Group, notably for our vision and overall value delivered to clients, among other areas. We believe this speaks to the trust our clients have in PRO as their platform of choice for end-to-end management of their rapidly expanding contingent workforce.”

For the analysis, Everest Group used its proprietary PEAK Matrix® 2021 framework to assess the market landscape impact, and overall vision and capability of 18 VMS technology vendors, categorizing them into three categories: Leaders, Major Contenders and Aspirants.

In addition to our proprietary VMS platform, Wand, we also offer MSP, procurement, direct sourcing, hiring intelligence, and third-party payroll solutions for clients globally. According to the Everest Group report, “PRO Unlimited has built strong capabilities on both the VMS and MSP side, offering a compelling solution for enterprises looking for an integrated CWM solution.”

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