SIG Nominates PRO Unlimited for “Future of Sourcing” Awards


As a global leader in contingent workforce management, we have been named a finalist in the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) Future of Sourcing Awards in two categories: “Innovations in Sourcing” and “Innovations in Third-Party Management!” If anyone is familiar with SIG and these awards, then they will know that they acknowledge companies and individuals that exhibit leadership and create transformation in the sourcing industry and, PRO is one of those leading companies!

After reading a number of submissions, SIG selected us for both our Wand VMS and MSP services — recognizing the innovative role that both have played in the industry. Wand was nominated in the category of “Innovations in Sourcing,” for its self-sourcing capabilities that enable clients to create their own private, self-sourced candidate pools.

Additionally, PRO’s MSP was nominated for “Innovations in Third-Party Management” because of our ability to be a strategic partner to our clients. This recognition showcases our pioneering spirit over the past several decades. It also highlights how we have played a key role in helping global organizations around the world source quality talent, create efficiencies in their sourcing practices and achieve significant cost savings.

The 2019 SIG Future of Sourcing Awards will take place during the Fall Global Executive Summit where the winner in each category will be announced on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019

For more information on SIG’s recognition of PRO, please click here.

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