Rebecca Perrault Discusses Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives in a Post-Pandemic World with Enterprise Podcast Network


Rebecca Perrault, head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at PRO Unlimited, conducted a recent interview on Enterprise Podcast Network discussing the challenges of new DE&I initiatives in the workforce, the changing DE&I landscape in the digital world, and the accountability of DE&I as an organization.

When asked about the changing initiative for DE&I in the workforce since the rise of the pandemic, Rebecca had this to say:

“Diversity and Inclusion changed over the last year and a half, we had a racial reckoning in the U.S. and globally. This is no longer something only large companies can think about, for years this is something larger organizations integrated into their processes, but now smaller companies are bringing it into their forefront, and they are establishing leaders to think about this and integrating it into their processes because now, talent is thinking about it.”

Rebecca spoke not only on the increasing need for D&I initiatives but also the sense of accountability an organization and its individuals should share when welcoming DE&I processes into the workforce.

“This isn’t something that just one person owns in an organization,” said Rebecca. “It’s important to have somebody really focused on it, but a Chief Diversity Officer or Global D&I leader can’t make change across an entire organization. This is something that every leader and every individual needs to own and do better, this is something that was under the surface for a decade or so, but has really become the new normal.”

To listen to the full podcast and hear Rebecca’s full insights into DE&I in the workforce, click here!

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