PRO Unlimited Further Strengthens Its Contingent Workforce Management Platform with the Acquisition of PeopleTicker


We just announced the acquisition of PeopleTicker, a leader in compensation data specializing in contingent labor rates and hiring intelligence globally. Our combined technologies enable HR, talent acquisition, procurement and compensation professionals to access strategic insights and market rate benchmarking to better attract and retain talent while reducing costs. The PeopleTicker addition supports our commitment to invest in our clients, advance innovation and enhance the power of our contingent workforce management platform the Global 2000 relies upon.

Today, the war for talent is more strategic and mission critical than ever as the contingent workforce rapidly approaches a full 50% of all white-collared skill workers. As a result, high-quality, accurate market rate data in hundreds of markets across thousands of job titles has never been more important as enterprises increasingly globalize their programs. Also, many compensation experts have a great need for on-demand access to accurate market rate data required to optimize hiring decisions. Lacking robust market intelligence, these organizations frequently pay higher market rates by role and/or location, resulting in significant unnecessary spend and highly sub-optimized talent placement.

To help address this need, we have expanded the capabilities of our contingent workforce management platform by acquiring PeopleTicker’s data science and market rate intelligence. PeopleTicker uses machine learning and industry-expert crowdsourcing to assemble the most comprehensive, accurate, current global market rate data in the industry. Extensive expertise with salary and contingent labor categories along with hands-on experience of global labor markets has made PeopleTicker a trusted partner to many leading brands across 160 countries. With PeopleTicker’s global data and rate intelligence exclusively coupled with our industry-leading Managed Services Program (MSP), Vendor Management System (VMS), payroll/compliance and RatePoint business intelligence software and services solutions, Global 2000 companies will have direct access to this intelligence. This enables $10s or $100s of millions annually in optimization as organizations look to scale and efficiently manage the costs of their white-collar, contingent talent programs.

Here is what Kevin Akeroyd, our CEO had to say about the acquisition:

“Now more than ever, companies are seeking ways to win the war for talent as the white-collar world shifts to contingent vs. full time. They need to lower spend, reduce complexity and source the best talent possible given the massive acceleration – globally – of the contingent workforce segment. We are excited that we can now offer clients the most optimal and advanced data and intelligence solution available in the market to meet their sourcing needs around the world. This acquisition strengthens our comprehensive data, software and services platform while delivering the innovation that the industry has been waiting for. This offering is now exclusively available through our Wand VMS and RatePoint SaaS solutions, as well as a suite of DaaS solutions to further enable our clients’ success. It also further differentiates PRO’s platform in the marketplace, as no one else in the industry has this combination of solutions for the modern, global enterprise.”

This announcement comes on the heels of our recent launch of RatePoint, the industry's most powerful rate intelligence SaaS offering. RatePoint SaaS combined with PeopleTicker DaaS will enable organizations to more quickly source and accurately price contingent labor anywhere in the world. This acquisition will expand our already large global footprint and strengthen our comprehensive and integrated platform with the addition of true data and intelligence solutions to our SaaS and services solutions.

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