Podcast Highlights from “Insights on Navigating IR35: A Conversation with MUFG’s Margot King”


With changes to IR35 (also known as Off-Payroll Working) launching in the private sector in April 2021, many companies continue to wrestle with how to best approach these shifts.

To help educate and raise awareness on the issues and concerns regarding the latest changes to IR35, PRO Unlimited’s Chris Hughes recently chatted with MUFG’s Margot King about how MUFG has approached IR35. (Listen to the full podcast.)

Rather than diving into the details of IR35, the podcast takes a real-world journey with MUFG through the tips and tricks of navigating the complex challenges that IR35 brings. Here are some excerpts and audio clips highlighting notable aspects from the conversation:

Key Concerns

Chris Hughes: “When the changes were announced, what were the primary concerns for MUFG?”

Margot King: “The main concerns for us were around compliance … We needed to make sure we were well ahead of anything from a risk perspective … As I said, making sure we managed that transition smoothly and could retain the talent and delivery for our clients.”

Preparation for IR35

CH: “What were the key things in your view in terms of getting ready for IR35?”

MK: “In terms of preparation, it was understanding who our critical workers were and the scale of the issue. Also, making sure we could come out the other side holding on to some of those critical skills and knowledge …”

The Role of Policy

CH: “Would you say having a policy made the journey somewhat easier?”

MK: “Having a consistent policy made the transition as smooth as possible. In effect, it shifted us from having lots of individual conversations and negotiations, to having one conversation multiple times.”

Lessons Learned

The Importance of Stakeholder Buy-In:

For much more on IR35 and real-world tips you can implement to ensure your company continues to optimally leverage its contingent workforce, download the full podcast.

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