Using Mobile to Submit Candidates to Job Requests and Improve Time to Fill


Recruiters, sourcers and account managers at staffing agencies are frequently under pressure to field new requests from clients and submit candidates as quickly as possible to increase the odds that they’ll fill the request.

Imagine a common scenario in which a recruiter is away from her desk – perhaps at an off-site meeting, at lunch, or before or after arriving at work. She has an outstanding candidate she’s been holding for just the right role when a request arrives from a top client that would be perfect for the candidate. Unfortunately, since the mobile VMS experience has historically been cumbersome and/or non-existent, she isn’t able to act on the request until hours later, losing precious time to the competition.

Leveraging Mobile to Act Faster

In light of scenarios such as the above, suppliers have asked PRO Unlimited to help them get their best candidates in front of managers when they’re on the go. In particular, they’ve been eager for a way to submit candidates to active requests right from their mobile devices, rather than having to rush back to the office or call in for help.

Enter the Wand Mobile Supplier App

PRO’s Wand Mobile Supplier App was built from the ground up as a native app for iPhone and Android devices. One advantage this provides is that even when users don’t have the app open, they can receive push notifications alerting them to high-priority action items – such as a job request from a top client.

Once a recruiter or account manager opens the app, new requests are immediately visible. This enables users to quickly look at pending engagement requests, see key request details and requirements, and even search for candidates they think are qualified.

Utilizing the app, users simply select the candidate they have in mind, add details pertinent to the request, and touch “submit.” With a single tap, users can also forward the request info to fellow team members via email, enabling them to immediately begin sourcing the position. It’s a convenient and powerful way to improve response time and accelerate time to fill that suppliers haven’t had access to in the past.

Users of the Wand Mobile App for Managers have already seen benefits in this area. Across PRO’s U.S. client base, organizations that use Wand Mobile for their contingent workforce management have seen significantly quicker time from candidate submittal to interview being scheduled, as well as faster time from interview being scheduled to fill time. (For more, check out our 2019 industry report, “The Contingent Workforce: Trends, Strategies and Understanding the Non-Employee Workforce.”)

Beyond Candidate Submittal: Other Benefits of Mobile

Of course, a supplier’s role is just beginning with the submission of a candidate, and utilizing mobile can provide advantages at many other stages of the candidate/worker lifecycle. The Wand Mobile Supplier App also enables users to:

  • - Schedule, manage and confirm candidate interviews, increasing productivity on the go
  • - Send interview times directly to candidates via email or SMS text messaging, allowing them to confirm or propose new times without logging into Wand
  • - Manage, contact and withdraw job candidates as availability changes
  • - Review and confirm expenses anytime and anywhere

For more on the Wand Mobile Supplier App, listen in as PRO’s Director of Supplier Partnerships Kristen Esones discusses the app in a recent podcast.

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