PRO Unlimited CEO Kevin Akeroyd Sits Down with Future of Sourcing to Discuss the Future of PRO and the Contingent Workforce Management Industry


Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited, connected with Future of Sourcing magazine to discuss why he chose to enter the Contingent Workforce Management Industry and specifically, why he selected PRO. Let’s see what Kevin had to say.

Akeroyd, on why he decided to join PRO, had this to say:

“PRO Unlimited is the market leader and is uniquely positioned to become the holistic platform for the industry. That’s one of the main reasons I decided to not only make the jump to the contingent workforce management industry, but also to join PRO specifically. This company is incredibly well positioned in terms of technology, data/analytics, managed services and, most importantly, its people.”

Kevin also touches on trends he anticipates will influence the contingent workforce management space in the future.

“The continued preference of knowledge, specialized-skilled, white-collared workers across the globe to only be willing to work on a contingent basis, not FTE. This will be a career choice for many, which will radically accelerate the complexities of this segment. Companies will need to not only navigate these evolving areas at a rapid pace, but to also expertly address localization, globalization, changing regulatory and labor laws, remote work, and diversity and inclusion, among others. The notion of things like the “gig economy” is going to dramatically expand across virtually all categories of the skilled workforce, and in many industries, the leaders in those industries will have more contingent workers than they have FTEs.”

To see what other topics and trends Kevin touches on, click here to read the full article.

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