Inclusion & Diversity Solution by PRO Unlimited


The collective sum of individual differences our employees, partners and clients bring to the table drives our business and achievements. PRO understands that it takes diversity of culture and experience to create a truly global, transformative contingent workforce management business, and we are committed to achieving that.

Inclusivity is built through everyday actions. With that in mind, PRO provides a comprehensive platform of D&I solutions that our clients can utilize to manage, analyze and track diversity of their contingent workforce.

Cultural readiness is foundational to sustainable inclusion – and PRO's D&I solution starts there. We have developed comprehensive employee programs, racial literacy campaigns and customizable trainings to accelerate cultural readiness of the contingent workforce while also aligning our approach with clients’ overall D&I strategy.

In addition to cultural readiness, workforce diversity, supplier diversity, and diversity intelligence and tracking are all important parts of a holistic D&I solution. PRO has offerings in each of these categories. However, we also believe that a truly fundamental and measurable change in contingent workforce diversity can only be brought about by focusing on individuals – candidates and workers. With that, a large focus is on contingent workforce diversity to ensure we can bring tangible change in representation of marginalized people in the workplace through targeted and direct sourcing as well as unbiased recruiting of candidates.

We do this through a combination of unique homegrown solutions and valuable industry partnerships. Our tools include talent landscaping capabilities, blinding resume technology powered by Wand, job description reviews for bias, racial literacy campaigns, manager education and worker support programs such as “Community Circles."

In addition to investing in workforce diversity, PRO is also proud to host the industry’s longest-standing supplier diversity network, which includes 500+ diverse suppliers. These companies include minority-owned, woman- owned, LGBTQ+, small-disadvantaged and veteran-owned businesses, and we prioritize their advancement.

PRO’s strategies have consistently helped companies experience a significant increase in their tier-one, disadvantaged-business spend category. By not competing with the diverse businesses in our supplier network, PRO is able to coach and lead our diverse supplier businesses to maximize their market share. For companies interested in a diverse MSP program, PRO will work with key client stakeholders across the business to identify the appropriate mix of diverse suppliers that can help achieve diversity goals.

Finally, the ability to track diversity data and utilize it to draw actionable insights is key to measurable change. Our Strategy, Analytics, and Metrics (SAM) team can provide dashboards utilizing supplier, worker and candidate tracking data provided by Wand.

Contingent workers are a significantly large and growing part of today’s workforce, and PRO is committed to working with some of the largest organizations in the world to drive diversity and inclusion deep into their talent ecosystems. PRO stands united with its employees, partners and clients in this important journey.

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