5 Major Contingent Workforce Management Trends to Watch in 2020


HR Strategy and Planning Excellence magazine tapped PRO Unlimited’s Dustin Burgess, SVP, Strategy, Analytics, and Metrics to share his insights about 2020’s top Contingent Workforce Management Trends.

Dustin comments that today’s tight labor market has created a fierce battle for talent. According to a recent study, attracting and retaining top talent ranks as the number-one internal stressor for C-suite executives globally in 2020 . Unfortunately, this battle is one that some organizations are losing, with more than two-thirds reporting trouble filling open positions with qualified candidates .

In this landscape, many organizations are turning to contingent workers to help increase talent quality and generate cost savings -- the U.S. staffing industry generates $150 billion in annual revenue. But often, they’re not using contingent labor in a strategic fashion, with less than 10% having established processes to manage and develop alternative workforce sources .

In contrast, many leading companies are proactively optimizing their workforces and minimizing risk by implementing new tactics and strategies, partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP), and leveraging a cutting-edge Vendor Management System (VMS). To help ensure you’re one of these organizations, Dustin and other experts at PRO compiled a list of 2020’s key workforce management trends based on our 30 years of experience working with Fortune 1000 companies. Dustin emphasizes that understanding and acting on these will position you for success in the year ahead!

To check out the top trends, read the full article here.

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