How the Remote Workforce Is Impacting the Battle for Talent


As the coronavirus pandemic has spread, many companies have been forced into pilot programs for remote work. According to a recent Gallup study, about 70% of workers have been working remotely in some capacity.

A new article by Dustin Burgess, PRO Unlimited’s SVP - Strategy, Analytics & Metrics, discusses this development and how organizations can leverage the remote workforce to gain an edge on the competition.

As Burgess explains, the changing landscape has forced companies to quickly learn lessons, create best practices and otherwise adjust to “the next normal.” A key part of this adjustment process is understanding the key considerations when expanding the remote worker population. To do so effectively, it’s critical to think carefully about the best strategies for realizing the benefits of this more flexible workforce.

Remote Work: Benefitting Both Employers and Employees

To better understand the state of remote work, PRO Unlimited recently surveyed more than 10,000 temporary workers. The survey found strong enthusiasm for remote work, with 77% of respondents stating they are more productive in a remote environment versus a physical office location, and 91% reporting that they find remote work appealing.

Remote work also offers benefits for companies. Beyond potentially greater productivity, engaging with remote talent can drive positive results such as cost savings, increased talent quality, greater diversity and faster time to fill.

An Evolving Talent Landscaping Approach

Tapping into the advantages of the remote workforce requires a multifaceted approach, often executed in partnership with a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Usually, the process starts with a job catalog assessment to identify which roles can be productively performed off-site. This should factor in not only productivity measurements but also feedback from client managers, who may have strong feelings about where workers are located.

Once the roles have been identified, organizations should look at the talent acquisition metrics attached to each role. For more on these metrics and taking a data-driven approach to talent landscaping, check out the article “How to Acquire Remote Talent to Gain an Edge in the Evolving Marketplace.”

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