Infographic: How Suppliers Use Wand Mobile to Manage Key Action Items


As with most people in the workplace, account managers, recruiters and billing specialists are typically “on the go,” but until now there hasn’t been a mobile Vendor Management System (VMS) developed specifically with these users’ needs and workflows in mind.

The Wand Mobile Supplier App is the industry’s first VMS mobile app that enables supplier users within the contingent workforce lifecycle to increase productivity by allowing them to tackle items through a true mobile app on iOS and Android devices.

In this infographic, you’ll learn how the Wand Mobile Supplier App helps users manage key action items.

As shown in the infographic, the Wand Mobile Supplier App enables users to respond faster and increase productivity. Key capabilities include:

On-the-Go Candidate Submittal: To help account managers act quickly on new requests and improve time to fill, the Wand Mobile Supplier App makes it simple to submit candidates to these requests (or forward them to fellow team members) via smartphone.

Interview Scheduling with a Few Taps and Swipes: Coordinating interview times between candidates and hiring managers is challenging, with availability changing often. With Wand Mobile, recruiters can easily schedule and manage candidate interviews from anywhere, increasing efficiency.

Expense Review from Anywhere: Billing specialists often need to review worker expenses, but in today’s busy world it can be hard to find the time. The Wand Mobile Supplier App enables users to review and confirm expenses while they’re away from the desk.

Since it was built from the ground up as a true native mobile app, the Wand Mobile Supplier App provides account managers and recruiters with an incredibly rich user experience. For more information on the app, visit the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. To learn more about PRO Unlimited’s family of mobile offerings and how mobile is helping clients drive efficiency and effectiveness, check out these resources:

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