Global Consulting Firm Chooses a Vendor-Neutral Contingent Workforce Management Solution


The business of consulting firms has always been based on providing highly skilled, specialized personnel to drive their clients’ success. Yet, while these firms have always dealt in delivering people as their product, the competitive nature of the market has led them to seek new and innovative ways to streamline operations and gain visibility into their contingent workforce.

One global management consulting firm realized the challenges it was facing would not be resolved without a solution that would optimize its contingent workforce management. Without a viable solution in place, this firm experienced a decentralized infrastructure, undeveloped internal processes and tools across independently managed global offices, minimal visibility into workforce activities, and more.

This consulting firm chose the vendor-neutral and integrated Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management Software (VMS) model to start their journey toward total contingent workforce management.

By choosing this approach over other MSP-staffing aligned models, this firm is achieving successes in several areas:

- Program Growth: Implemented a VMS across 106 suppliers in 17 countries
- Visibility: Enabled global access to contingent workforce activity across offices
- Process Rationalization: Transitioned all external workers off internal timekeeping tool and on to a VMS
- Governance: Performed 100 one-on-one hiring manager meetings to support streamlined consistent processes
- Compliance and Qualified Talent: Conducted screening of approximately 100 consultants across global locations

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