Futureproofing Your Contingent Workforce Program


CDK Global and PRO Unlimited will be hosting a webinar titled, “Futureproofing Your Contingent Workforce Program: Tips for Navigating the Pandemic and Beyond” on August 12th at 2pm EDT!

Today the world is experiencing rapid change, and businesses are looking for innovative solutions to tackle unprecedented challenges. Knowing what approach to take for meeting the unique business goals of your contingent workforce management program is critical as you strategically adjust to the current environment as well as prepare for the recovery.

Join CDK Global, the largest global provider of IT and marketing solutions in automotive retail, and PRO to learn how their partnership has achieved operational successes during this pandemic. CDK will also reveal how it is futureproofing its contingent management program for the months ahead.

Lastly, CDK will discuss the steps it took to manage its contingent labor segment and what it is planning to implement, including:

  • Situation: The type of solution CDK deployed to manage its contingent labor program
  • Crisis Management: What steps CDK took as the pandemic unfolded
  • Opportunity: How CDK used clean data and worker visibility to better manage its contingent labor program
  • Rebound: The importance of ongoing program monitoring
  • Empower: The benefits of implementing a total talent management program as part of CDK’s human capital strategy

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If you’re interested in learning more about how PRO is helping organizations implement winning contingent workforce programs globally, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at info@prounlimited.com.

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