3 Tips for Contingent Workforce Management During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Organizations around the world are feeling the effects of Covid-19 as they try to manage workers in various locations, each with their own unique situations, laws and cultures. With all the uncertainty about how the coronavirus pandemic will play out, contingent workers offer companies much-needed flexibility as the situation continues to evolve.

Here are three tips for managing your contingent workforce in the best possible way in the current landscape:

1) Think Globally and Act Locally

Build your understanding of how companies in different geographic areas are responding to the pandemic and what approaches have worked best. Then, use these insights to help inform a strategy that’s unique to specific work locations and company cultures based on the state of the pandemic (and other key factors) in these locales.

2) Reassess Your Talent Landscaping Approach

The new “work from home reality” has already helped companies that historically haven’t engaged remote resources become more comfortable with the concept. Particularly for niche skills where talent may be hard to find, leveraging a talent landscaping approach to search for candidates in remote locations can offer companies wider access to talent.

3) Use Analytics to Deepen Your Understanding

Where are your workers, who is at risk, and how is the Covid-19 situation evolving in these areas? Use analytics to improve your visibility into your global workforce and which areas are most impacted by the coronavirus. This allows your company to better make adjustments and communicate with each unique population.

For example, PRO Unlimited’s Strategy, Analytics & Metrics (SAM) team developed dynamic data dashboards that overlay client workforce data with real-time Covid-19 data feeds from the Center for Disease Control and Johns Hopkins University. By leveraging these dashboards, PRO clients have realized a more holistic approach to human capital management and achieved reassurance that they are utilizing all available resources to tackle this challenge.

Strengthening your understanding of emerging contingent workforce management best practices is critical as the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve. For a deeper discussion about managing the contingent workforce amidst the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, please contact PRO at (800) 291-1099 or information@prounlimited.com

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