3 Ways Chatbots Are Improving Sourcing and Hiring for Contingent Workforce Managers


When sourcing a contingent job opening, the best candidates are often in high demand and can disappear in minutes if not less. What technologies can organizations tap to help increase efficiency during the sourcing process to ensure they’re evaluating, interviewing and hiring these top candidates – ultimately driving program success?

As PRO Unlimited’s VP of Product Design Nataliya Kolb discusses on our latest piece with HR.com, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven chatbots offer exciting possibilities in this regard. These cutting-edge conversational interfaces leverage machine learning and natural language processing to enable managers to communicate with a Vendor Management System (VMS) as if it was a person.

The added flexibility these tools offer, as well as the increased access to personalized, actionable intelligence, can power increased effectiveness when sourcing and hiring contingent workers. Here are a few of the ways chatbots are improving these processes:

1) Enhancing Decision-Making

Let’s say you’re a manager needing to hire a resource. As you create a job post, the digital assistant works in the background, looking at millions of data points and providing related insights (or staying silent if it doesn’t have relevant info to share).

As you add details, the chatbot looks at where your organization has sourced similar positions in the past. If there’s a cheaper locale available, for example, it will tell you right within the request creation process.

2) Powering Mobile Action

Important sourcing and recruiting tasks don’t always wait until sitting in front of a desk. Leading-edge platforms are making it simpler to perform these items on the go by communicating with a VMS via mobile and getting responses in real time.

For example, imagine you’re settling in for a lengthy department meeting when your team leader tells you he just got budget approval for the extra headcount you requested. What if, instead of wasting precious hours waiting for the meeting to end, you could initiate a conversation with the VMS chatbot to get the process rolling?

3) Easing Accessibility

With the average manager using numerous technology platforms each day, B2B software that provides simpler access to tasks can be a huge relief. In the case of chatbots and sourcing contingent workers, this means ensuring tools are available in the systems that users frequently utilize.

Ideally, this involves behind-the-scenes integrations between the system(s) of choice and the VMS, so that users aren’t required to log in to engage its conversational interface. Instead, they could simply send a text to the chatbot, for example. For much more on how chatbots are enhancing talent acquisition, check out PRO’s article at HR.com or download our chatbots data sheet.

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