Top 10 Cities Where Hiring Is Booming!


The COVID-19 pandemic may have upended the economy, but the jobs market is now rebounding in a big way.

Recently, PRO Unlimited CEO Kevin Akeroyd conducted an interview with EBN regarding the reveal of the most in-demand career paths and where prospective employees can find them, based on year-over-year hiring comparisons and over 30 billion data points.

Kevin, within the interview, discusses the emergence of post-COVID job markets, new market trends, and the optimal steps to capitalizing on the growing job market.

“All signs point to a strong recovery coming out of the pandemic and plentiful job opportunities to fuel the contingent workforce,” said Kevin Akeroyd. “To stay competitive, companies need to embrace technology and business intelligence so they can better understand the market and attract the right resources for their business at the right place and the right time.”

It may not be surprising cities like San Francisco and New York topped the list of cities seeing the biggest hiring boom, but the acceptance of remote work has translated to job market growth in all corners of the country.

Here is a look at the 10 hottest cities for hiring, according to PRO Unlimited’s data.

  • - San Francisco, California
  • - New York, New York
  • - Beaverton, Oregon
  • - Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • - Hillsboro, Oregon
  • - Memphis, Tennessee
  • - Menlo Park, California
  • - Santa Clara, California
  • - Mountain View, California
  • - Indianapolis, Indiana

To read the full article on booming hiring cities, click here.

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