PRO Unlimited and Glider AI Announce New Strategic Partnership to Optimize Contingent Worker Hiring


We are excited to announce our partnership with Glider AI, an AI-enabled Talent Quality Solution that verifies identity, validates skills, and organizational fit through an enhanced candidate experience. The partnership will ensure PRO clients are engaging fully qualified contract talent in an efficient and timely manner, enabling them to win the war for talent.

Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends survey found that 70% of respondents cited recruitment as an important issue, with 61% agreeing that finding qualified, experienced hires is the biggest challenge facing them in the recruitment process. In addition to overcoming the challenge of reliably verifying candidates’ skills/competencies, organizations are also challenged to address rising instances of identity fraud, which have spiked over the course of the pandemic.

Glider capabilities will allow our clients to benefit from an enhanced level of candidate vetting and risk reduction capabilities, engaging the best candidates faster and avoiding costs of bad hires. With integration into PRO’s Vendor Management System (VMS), Wand, these results can be achieved whether candidates come from staffing suppliers and service providers or through a direct sourcing channel (where it can also serve as a talent engagement tool). As an integrated component of PRO’s IWM platform, the use of Glider will augment our data repository with granular skills information that can used in many ways (including in building predictive models).

Here’s what our CEO, Kevin Akeroyd, had to say about the partnership:

"The PRO Unlimited and Glider AI partnership offers organizations a competitive advantage in all hiring markets, but especially in segments – such as IT – with low unemployment, labor shortages or heightened hiring demands. The Glider partnership is a strategic one, meaning we intend to increasingly leverage Glider across our Integrated Workforce Management platform, including different sourcing channels and talent management solutions. The benefits for clients will include increased talent quality, faster time to fill and an enhanced candidate experience.”

Satish Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Glider AI, also commented:

"The pandemic accelerated virtual and global workforces. At the same time, our customers experienced increased hiring demands and a labor shortage. This added a lot of pressure to hiring teams from sourcing talent to verifying skills and ensuring fit. Our partnership addresses all aspects of the hiring lifecycle but also supports a more streamlined, candidate-first experience. In the new war of finding and retaining talent, ensuring fit and competency sets up both the hiring organization and the talent for immediate success.”

Glider AI is the latest partner to join PRO’s growing digitally integrated solution ecosystem. As with PRO’s other partnerships, clients will derive value from the new, innovative solutions formed from PRO’s integration with Glider and other ecosystem partners.

Andrew Karpie, Contingent Workforce Industry Analyst, added:

“With the Glider AI partnership, PRO Unlimited continues to demonstrate its focus on delivering customer value and innovation through its modern platform (vs. traditional BPO) approach, including expanding its digitally integrated ecosystem of select, complementary solution partners. PRO’s strategic partnerships, acquisitions and ongoing investments over the past year show that PRO is serious about its customer-value-first, data-driven Integrated Workforce Management platform approach.”

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